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Super Bowl XLVI

Over 111 million people tuned in last Sunday to watch Super Bowl XLVI. The way the Super Bowl is now it is a huge tool for marketing for businesses. The commercial slots sell out every year regardless of how expensive it is for a 30 second ad.

I want to talk about the commercials from this years Super Bowl. What did everyone think of them? Which ones did you like the best? I personally had a few favorites. Here they are.

Every year the commercials are something I look forward to when it comes to watching the Super Bowl. It didn’t seem like there was a ton of good commercials but there was enough to keep me entertained.



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St. Louis Wins!!!!!

10 1/2 games back going into September. No one would have put money on them going to the World Series or even the post season. They did, however do just that. The Cardinals won game 7 with a 6-2 score. It was a very exciting moment for St. Louis, the Cardinals and Major League Baseball. It is also exciting for Palm Beach. Our hotels will be booked, restaurants crowded, and the stadium packed. Here is a look back at the St. Louis Cardinals season.

Here’s a video from a spectator at the game!

Here is some pictures