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Craft Brewers Festival/Craftoberfest

The 6th annual Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival is this Saturday, January 28 from 1-5:30pm at Roger Dean Stadium. This annual event features beers brewed from South Florida and America.

The price of admission is $31 plus service fees if purchased online and $35 cash at the door. The admission includes unlimited samples of all the brew’s and great local entertainment that you wont want to miss. Must present a photo ID to buy a ticket.

If you are looking for a more family oriented event to attend you can head to the Abacoa Amphitheater for Craftoberfest. This event is free. Dogs and kids are welcome to attend this event. German style food and entertainment will be available in this portion of the event. This event takes place from 2:00-7:00pm. 


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115 Lakeshore Dr., 2047, North Palm Beach, FL 33408 | North Palm Beach Home for Sale

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115 Lakeshore Dr., 2047, North Palm Beach, FL 33408 | North Palm Beach Home for Sale.

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The Honda Classic

The Honda Classic is a PGA Tour event that makes its annual stop every year to Palm Beach Gardens, FL. It always falls around the end of February and beginning of March. This year the event will be February 27-March 4, 2012 at the PGA National Resort & Spa.

There is more to do at the Honda than just watch golf. There is also the after play concert series which features 4 of South Florida’s hottest artists. The fireworks spectacular is on Friday and Saturday. One can always head over to the Bear Trap for some food or the Wine Garden for a drink.

PGA National has been the host of the Honda for 6 years now.

The player commitment list has not yet been posted, but when it is I will be sure to post it so everyone can see it.

Here are some pictures from the Honda in previous years.

Click here for more information on this years event.

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100 years of the South Florida Fair

The South Florida Fair!!! If you are a local then you know that this is always an exciting event for South Florida and the residents. This year however, is more exciting than all the others because it is the 100th anniversary of the fair.

The fair is the largest event to take place in South Florida. It has everything you would want in a fair and more. The animals, pig races, great fair food, rides, games, entertainment, and more.

I went to the fair this past Saturday and enjoyed every second of it. The weather was perfect for walking around outside. I do not ride the rides, but I do like to walk around and check out all the vendors and shows that are present every year. I went to the Mooternity to check out the pregnant cows. Two cows were born an hour or so before I had arrived.

The food at the fair is always a topic that is brought up when talking about the fair. The food is very good. The interesting part about it is all the fried food you can buy. Fried oreos, fried sticks of butter, fried snickers, and new this year is fried kool-aid. It is not good for you but the word on the street is that it tastes very good. On Saturday, I tried the fried kool-aid and I will admit that it is surprisingly very good.

This is what the kool-aid looks like after it is fried.

Another famous food item that is present at the fair every year is the Krispy Kreme Burger. I have not tried it nor do I plan on trying it. I do not know anyone that has tried it so if you have tried it or know anyone that has please let me know how it is. I’m too scared to try it since 1 krispy kreme doughnut is sweet enough as it is.

The entertainment is always something to check out. My favorite act is the hypnotist. Whether you believe in it or not I recommend stopping by and checking out one of the shows for a guaranteed laugh. I did not get a chance to see the hypnotist this year. I do believe it is a different hypnotist this year so if you stop by and check him out please let me know how he is.

They always have some kind of show that features an animal. This year it is sea lions. Previous years it has been alligators.

Stop by the fair and help South Florida celebrate the 100th anniversary of the event. It is an event for all ages. Many memories will be shared while attending.

If you went to the fair this year what was your favorite part about it?

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Downtown at the Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens has really evolved into a beautiful city over the past few years. I remember when PGA Blvd had vacant fields everywhere. There used to be no overpass going over A1A, making PGA and A1A an intersection.

This all changed when they started to build Legacy Place and Downtown at the Gardens.

Downtown at the Gardens is an excellent outdoor shopping center where the options are endless. There is something for everyone at Downtown. There is room for families, a single shopper, and of course room for two at any of the restaurants. At Downtown you have everything from Dining to Shops.

Some of the dining that is at Downtown is
Cheesecake Factory
Cabo Flats

Some of the shops at Downtown are
sur la table
Urban Outfitters
Whole Pet Essentials

There is a lot of entertainment for the entire family as well. The kids can go to A Latte Fun and play while the parents enjoy a cup of coffee. The kids can also ride the carousel and the new train that takes the family for a ride around the downtown boulevard and courtyard.

You can’t forget about Cobb Theatres where everyone goes to catch a flick every now and then.

Downtown constantly has various events that are for families, the furry friends, adults, and more.

Head over to for more information on news, events, and stores.

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New Years Resolutions

Everyone gets so excited around New Years. The Holiday spirit is still in the air and everyone is making resolutions to make changes for the better. This year as I was making my new years resolutions something occurred to me. It occurred to me that we all make these resolutions and dont fully stick to it. I came up with a better resolution. That resolution is to become a better version of myself. We should all just make that simple resolution. That way we are not just working on our finances or on the tone of our muscle. We are simply living everyday to the best that we can. Learning every step of the way to become a better version of all that we are. That should be our New Years resolution.

Hope everyone has enjoyed this holiday season and is ready to be the best person they’ve ever been.

I’m excited to see whats in store for 2012. Hope you are too!!!