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Its time for dessert


You just got done with a delicious meal and are looking for something to fulfill the sweet tooth you have. You can go to your local supermarket and pick up something or you can go out on the town and grab something. If you are going to choose option B than read on as I will tell you the best places to go.


Fro-Yotopia is a self-serve frozen yogurt place in downtown at the gardens adjacent to the carousel. Self-serve frozen yogurt is a popular trend that is growing at an immense rate. The concept started in California.

Fro-Yotopia has the best machines and the greatest customer service you will find for a dessert place. From the second you walk in you will be greeted by an employee that will offer you samples of any of the 12 flavors that are currently available. I say currently because they are constantly changing their flavors to keep the customer guessing and coming back for more. There is a wide variety of toppings that you can select from the toppings bar. The best part about all this is you pay by the ounce which makes it affordable after you go on a toppings frenzy. The yogurt is Live Active Culture and Kosher certified and has many nutritional benefits including but not limited to:
Gluten Free
Good Source of RiboFlavin
Good source of Calcium
Low Cholesterol.

Right now Fro-yo has a pumpkin pie flavor in time for the holidays. I recommend you stop by, say hi, and have some of the best frozen yogurt in Palm Beach.


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